csr policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The CSR Policy sets out our commitment to ensuring that our activities extend beyond commercial interests and include initiatives and endeavors for the benefit and development of the community and society. The CSR Policy lays down the guidelines, modalities and implementation schedules for undertaking identified programs geared towards social welfare activities and initiatives.

Background of the Policy

This CSR Policy has been framed in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (“Act”) and the rules issued thereunder.

CSR Programs

The Company will focus on undertaking following programs in such phases and with such activities and such time schedules as may be decided by the CSR committee:

  1. Promoting access to and quality of primary, secondary and tertiary education
  2. Enhancing livelihood and employability skills of youth

Above mentioned activities can be carried out by the Company on ongoing basis directly or in partnership with NGOs, local community, governmental body and/or other implementing partners (“Partners”) or by making contribution to such Partners.

The Company shall give preference to the regions from where it operates in undertaking the above CSR programs.

The Company may from time to time add to or modify its CSR areas, programs, projects and activities in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the CSR Rules.

Composition of CSR Committee:

The CSR Committee shall comprise the following Directors:

  1. Mr. Rohit Arora
  2. Mr. Akshay Saluja
  3. Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta

Monitoring process of the activities undertaken

The Company has developed appropriate Reports to monitor the CSR activities conducted by the Company.