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Power transformation through an automated rules-based decision engine.

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Enhance customer experience by ensuring sound internal business processes, no matter what your industry or goals are. Volition is a comprehensive Business Rule Management System (BRMS), that allows you to take automated, business-rule-driven tactical actions. It allows you to define, deploy, execute, monitor, and maintain your business rules without the limitations of users, performance, platform, or language. It helps strengthen your apps, keep pace with change and support the organization through automated decision management. Its inbuilt diagnostics ensure accurate workflows and no deviation from pre-defined rules.


Advanced data extraction

Advanced capabilities to extract requisite data.


AI and ML-driven learning to identify new data types that must be extracted.

Data segregation

Understands multiple individual sources available in a single document and extracts the required data from each of them.

Connectivity to databases

Allows easier and faster connectivity to databases and APIs to validate critical data from profile or historical data.

Correct identification

Automatically identifies the right business rules for a data source.

Decision workflows

Supports rule flows to create decision workflow.

Automatic audit rules

Allows automatic application of eligibility audit rules.

Easier rules updates

Provides easy updates to rules. They are auditable and versioned.

Raises flags

Can raise flags for human intervention or for failed rules.

Minimal technical dependency

Reduces dependency on the technology/IT team.



Faster response time:
Improved TAT over millions of daily transactions.


Reduced dependency on IT:
Reduced dependency on IT team for changes in live systems.


Enhanced control:
Enhances control over implemented workflow/process decision logic for better compliance and business management.


Enhanced precision:
Greatly improves the precision with which the decision logic is implemented and applied.


Enhanced efficiency:
Automating decision logic implementation across workflows improves efficiency and frees the workforce for critical tasks.

Experts that made us pioneer!

Experts that made us pioneer!

Sonal SareenAVP, Digital Transformation

Sonal leads Digital Transformation business unit at Silverskills. He is responsible for digital strategy, software development and growing Silverskills digital business.

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