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Careers at Silverskills

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Let’s create and amplify value, for ourselves and our clients!

At Silverskills, we believe in creating value for our clients by decoding, simplifying, and enabling digital transformation and business process transformation. To achieve this, we make sure that we provide ample opportunities for our people to skill, upskill, & reskill themselves. We provide them with a work environment and culture that fosters growth, innovation, and creativity without compromising on personal and professional well-being.

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We are Great Place to Work certified!

20 years ago, we embarked on a journey of designing, creating and curating cutting-edge, scalable, and intelligent processes that transform business practices. Fuelled by the aspiration of supercharging performance, we strove to cultivate an environment that fosters passionate work, relentless innovation, and a strong sense of belonging. We are happy to announce that we achieved another milestone, Great Place to Work certification, to add to our already impressive journey. Receiving this certification reaffirms our commitment to nurturing a positive and inclusive workplace culture. It reflects the collective contributions of our exceptional Silverskills team members who consistently go above and beyond to make Silverskills a truly exceptional place to work.

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Life and Culture at Silverskills

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.”- Dee Hock

Being an organization with a multi-generational workforce and a hybrid working model, we strongly believe that when creativity is clubbed with organizational values such as trust, innovation, and quality, you inevitably end up exploring new ideas and creating new ceilings. Staying true to this belief, we encourage each employee to ideate, innovate, and share feedback without apprehension. These qualities have enabled us to create a strong bond with our people and that reflects in the fact that most of our senior leaders have risen through the ranks organically.

We are mindful of the fact that an organization can grow only when its employees grow, not just as a professional but also as a person and that’s why even in a world of instant gratification and cutthroat competition, we still believe in creating a work environment where people are valued for their contribution and cherished as professionals. We keep up with the changing times by adapting to even seemingly insignificant yet important practices that can help our employees work better. Policy changes such as moving from full formal official wear four days a week to smart casuals and a hybrid working model are appreciated by all generations alike. It’s perhaps being a listener to the changing needs of the time that has resulted in our employees’ long association with the organization.

From enjoying a hearty and informal lunch with the CEO to commemorating someone on completing a decade at work to going on a mandatory two-week off for rejuvenation, life at Silverskills is about being true to one’s deliverables without compromising on wellness.

Learning at Silverskills

“Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.”- Albert Einstein

If you are willing to learn, providing opportunities and a platform is our responsibility! Learning agility is one of our core competencies and we enable an ecosystem where our employees can learn and contribute to their work, teams, organization, and above all, their lives. We continuously strive to provide relevant & flexible learning platforms and opportunities to our employees.

Staying true to our digital DNA, automation of the process/domain training is an organizational priority to make sure training is available to every employee at their convenience to guide them to their improvement. Through our dedicated learning facility and impaneled training partners, we help our employees to learn and acquire new skills as well as gain the professional knowledge required to progress their careers.

Employees have the freedom to nominate themselves for any training or professional course they deem important for their role and contribution to the organization. We value learners and hence provide financial aid to support education for those with limited financial resources but a zeal for pursuing higher education.