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Business Approach That Instils Confidence

Quality Management System Framework

Due to a robust Quality Management System framework, our clients experience excellent digital and process transformation journeys. We leverage data-driven strategic and operational planning and conduct multi-point checks to ensure internal processes and external deliverables match our quality standards. Feedback from ongoing projects and internal processes facilitates the creation of a knowledge base and pushes us for continuous improvement, which ensures corrective actions are
taken ahead of time.

  • 01

    Strategic Planning

    • Customer requirements
    • Contract review
    • Statutory Requirements
    • Quality planning
  • 02

    Operational Planning

    • Skillset based sampling
    • Individual-based sampling
    • Mission-critical requirements
    • Specific client requirements
  • 03

    Operational Execution

    • Quality check
    • Data recording
    • Individual feedback
  • 04


    • IT Applications team
    • IT infrastructure team
    • Human Resources
    • Compliance team

    Included: 010203

  • 05

    Continuous Improvement

    • Improvement projects
    • Corrective actions
    • Management Review
    • Data analysis

    Included: 01020304

A 360-degree approach to Information Security

We assure a secure digital environment for our clients and that is only possible when we give utmost importance and attention to the system and information security. A 360-degree approach to information security ensures complete security across all levels, right from hardware to software to people. We have documented procedures, a comprehensive ISMS Metrics management, and a robust incident management process that thwarts data breaches. The team leverages next-gen technologies and has future-proof business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place that enables us to always ensure the availability of data and services to clients. Enhanced physical perimeter security and robust control and audit mechanisms ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data. These robust mechanisms helped us secure ISO 27001, ISO 10012, and HIPAA compliance certification.


Documented Policies & Procedures ISMS Metrics management End-user Awareness Robust Incident Management process


Perimeter security Access controlled Emergency preparedness


Background verification Non-disclosure agreements Awareness trainings


Logical access control End-point protection VLAN segregation


Risk Management Monthly compliance monitoring Penetration Testing & 3rd party audits


Backup & restoration plans in place 100% Internet and power redundancy BC/DR plans in place

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