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AskWise - the smart solution for feedback collection, insightful analysis, and effective change management.

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Introducing AskWise, a holistic and intuitive survey management platform designed to help you listen, understand, and act on client feedback. From small businesses to global corporations, AskWise provides the tools you need to create engaging surveys, analyze responses in depth, and manage changes effectively.

At the heart of AskWise lies the belief that client feedback is the cornerstone of growth and improvement. Whether you’re designing a simple satisfaction survey or constructing a complex, multi-topic questionnaire, AskWise’s highly customizable interface adapts to meet your needs.

Our platform not only allows you to collect feedback seamlessly but also aids in comprehending it through advanced analytical tools. Get more from your data with visualizations, filtering, and segmentation capabilities that offer profound insights into your clients’ perspectives.

The utility of AskWise extends beyond just collecting and understanding feedback. Our integrated change management feature allows you to create initiatives, projects, and tasks based on the feedback received, fostering a proactive approach to customer service improvement.

The software’s in-built capability to track survey response changes over multiple periods empowers businesses to measure the progress and effectiveness of implemented changes over time.

What’s more, AskWise’s compatibility with existing CRM and email systems allows for a smooth transition and uninterrupted workflows. Coupled with a mobile-first design approach, you and your clients can access surveys and reports from any device, providing maximum accessibility and convenience.


Highly Flexible Surveys

Our application allows for the creation of highly customizable surveys with multiple question types and design options to gather precise data on any topic.

Analytics Report

With advanced analytics, you can generate insightful reports, utilizing visualizations, filtering, and data segmentation for a more profound understanding of the collected feedback.

Multiple Period Survey Analytics

Keep track of changes in survey responses over time with trend analysis and historical comparisons to measure progress and the effectiveness of implemented changes.

Customized to Brand

Design your surveys and reports to resonate with your brand identity, using customizable logos, colors, fonts, and more, for a consistent brand representation.

Responsive – Mobile First

Our mobile-first approach ensures you can create surveys and access reports on any device, ensuring maximum accessibility for both you and your clients.

Change Management

Drive effective change by creating initiatives/projects and tasks based on survey responses within the application, fostering improved collaboration and efficiency.

CRM and Email Integration

Our application integrates smoothly with your existing CRM and email applications, providing a seamless experience and aiding in maintaining a consistent communication channel with your clients.



End-to-End Management:
Manage the entire feedback process from a single application, boosting efficiency and streamlining your workflow.


In-depth Insights:
Harness the power of advanced analytics to derive actionable insights from your survey responses, enabling you to make informed business decisions.


Agility in Change Implementation:
Respond quickly to customer feedback by creating and managing changes directly within the application.


Enhanced Customer Engagement:
The flexibility and user-friendly design of our surveys lead to improved response rates, ensuring you gather the broadest range of customer feedback.


Brand Consistency:
With customizable design features, you can ensure your surveys align with your brand identity, promoting brand consistency across all touchpoints.


Integration with Existing Tools:
The smooth integration with your CRM and email applications ensures you have all the necessary tools at your disposal without any disruption to your existing setup.

Experts that made us pioneer!

Experts that made us pioneer!

Sonal SareenAVP, Digital Transformation

Sonal leads Digital Transformation business unit at Silverskills. He is responsible for digital strategy, software development and growing Silverskills digital business.

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