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Power insights by proactively extracting data locked in your most challenging documents.

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About Product

Doculytical is an advanced end-to-end document processing AI solution engineered for scale and efficiency. Empower stakeholders by capturing information from documents of all types. Digitize document processing and deploy next-gen technologies to ensure faster data transfer to downstream applications. Capture necessary data from complex documents like legal contracts, mortgages, healthcare claims, insurance claims, etc. Leverage advanced AI/ML algorithms to extract relevant data from unstructured documents with varying layouts, structures, etc. Benefit from intelligent processing and scale your business to outpace the competition.


Structure and layout flexibility

Extracts information from documents whose structure and layout vary over time.

Document classification and identification

Identifies when a new document gets added and extracts information from the same.

Batch processing

Processes documents in batches without manual intervention.

Supports multiple languages

Recognizes and extracts data in multiple languages.

Contextual relationships

Supports and identify data from documents where the content is contextually related or connected to a different content piece.

Takes care of a noisy background

Reads and extracts data even in documents with a noisy background.



Improves TAT:
Analyze documents faster using automated technologies to scale your business.


Compatible with complex documents:
Extract information from complex and unstructured content across multiple document formats.


Enhances employee productivity:
Ensure faster decisions through intelligent document processing.


Improves efficiency:
Leverage AI/ML technology to ensure efficient and scalable business processes.

Experts that made us pioneer!

Experts that made us pioneer!

Sonal SareenAVP, Digital Transformation

Sonal leads Digital Transformation business unit at Silverskills. He is responsible for digital strategy, software development and growing Silverskills digital business.

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