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Sheets Think

Everything your team needs to plan, capture, manage, automate, analyze, and report!

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Do you rely on multiple systems to store important data and work on that data? Do you feel difficulty in integrating your spreadsheets with databases, structuring data, working with isolated files, and integrating with different applications? If yes, then we have the solution to your problem.

SheetsThink is an amped-up spreadsheet with an integrated database that lets you work on your data and store the output seamlessly for you to fetch and work on it again anytime you want. To make it even better, it uses AI/ML/NLP to automate a lot of functions like collecting, summarizing, extracting, and analyzing key information from unstructured data. With readily usable connectors to your most-used business applications, SheetsThink is widely compatible with your existing set-up and allows for real-time synchronization and visibility. With centralized processing, availability of custom templates and models, and audit trails/change tracking, you can rest assured that you have full control over your work. SheetsThink lets you enhance employee productivity, reduce cost, and improve turnaround time.


Work faster

Allows teams to plan, manage, capture, automate, analyze, and report on work seamlessly.

Comprehensive connectors & integrations

Work seamlessly across critical business applications while enabling real-time synchronization and visibility with connectors & system integrations.

Centralized processing

Reduce manual activities by having a single view of your work and the associated data.

Templates & models

Create working papers quickly from custom templates and models.

Audit trail

All changes are tracked, recorded, and maintained at a user level.

ML/AI in the core

Uses NLP features to collect unstructured data, summarize & extract critical information.



Enhanced productivity:
Improve productivity through intelligent and automated spreadsheets using next-gen AI/ ML technologies.


Enhanced efficiency:
Utilize a central repository to work faster.


Audit and Version control:
User-level robust audit trails to track changes in the document.


Seamless integration:
Connects and works with your existing business applications easily.

Experts that made us pioneer!

Experts that made us pioneer!

Sonal SareenAVP, Digital Transformation

Sonal leads Digital Transformation business unit at Silverskills. He is responsible for digital strategy, software development and growing Silverskills digital business.

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